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Your one stop shop for agent downloads, script verification templates, direct restore utilities and more.

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Backup Agent

The Datto Backup Agent is installed on the machine to be protected and works with a Datto Appliance to deliver backup and continuity.


SIRIS Virtual

SIRIS Virtual required files required for configuration on a VMWare or Microsoft Hyper-V Setup. Please review the step-by-step guides below before moving forward.


SIRIS Imaged Installer

The SIRIS Imaged Installer allows you to image hardware of your choice as a Datto SIRIS 3 device. Please review the SIRIS Imaged ISO guide for directions on creating a USB from the ISO download. The SIRIS Imaged Installer ISO uses IRIS 3 (16.04).


Bare Metal Restore

Bare Metal Restore allows you to restore a backup from Datto to the hardware of your choice. Please review the Bare Metal Restore Guide for directions on creating a USB from the ISO download.


Direct Restore Utility

The Direct Restore Utility is a Windows executable that lets you easily mount an iSCSI file restore of any recovery point from your Datto appliance.


Script Verification

Datto appliances leveraging our new Advanced Screenshot Verification process can allow scripts to execute after verification. We provide several example scripts for you to download, but you can also develop your own scripts. Please note that Datto is unable to provide support for custom scripting or any unexpected behavior of your production environment as a result of the deployment of a custom script.


Cloud Continuity

Cloud Continuity is the next generation of endpoint backup in our Unified Continuity product family. It provides the same reliable image-based backup with greater flexibility by protecting machines that are always on-the-go.

The protected system must be running Windows 7 or Windows 10. Cloud Continuity will only back up the host's OS drive. The total size of the protected volume must be 1 TB or less.

The Cloud Continuity Restore Utility allows you to use the Rapid Rollback and BMR features to quickly restore back to the the original machine or a different PC. Please review the Cloud Continuity Restore Guide for more directions on creating a USB from the ISO download.


Datto Secure Edge (Beta)

The Datto Secure Edge application is installed on end user machines to enable secure and fast network access for remote workers. Please follow the link below for additional information.